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Zapped Again! (1990)

by Scott in 1990's

[4.5] In this direct-to-video sequel to 1982’s Zapped!, Todd Eric Andrews plays the new kid at high school, where he allies himself with the science club and makes fast opponents of the affluent jocks in key club. As the rival groups compete in a series of Homecoming activities, Andrews discovers something behind some loose bricks in the science lab that gives the nerds the edge …


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Pump Up the Volume (1990)

by Scott in 1990's

[9.0] I think the movies we see when we’re impressionable teenagers have the greatest impact on our lives. As a quiet kid who started finding his voice in high school, Pump Up the Volume influenced and inspired me. The movie is about a shy student (Christian Slater) who uses a shortwave radio to hold an anonymous late night program. Before long, the entire school is …


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