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Boys (2014)

by Scott in 2010's

[7.0] Two high school relay racers (Gijs Blom and Ko Zandvliet) develop a same-sex attraction, but one of the boys is afraid to make their relationship public. This Dutch drama/romance features a likable, competent cast and is shot in several beautiful locations around the Netherlands. As a ‘coming out’ story, it doesn’t break the mold in the slightest, but director Mischa Kamp does a fine …


Happy 40th Anniversary!

The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

by Scott in 1980's

[10] After deciding directing wasn’t his favorite thing to do, George Lucas enticed his former professor Irvin Kershner (Eyes of Laura Mars, Return of a Man Called Horse) to helm the dark second act of the famous trilogy. The Empire Strikes Back is essentially one long chase movie, as Darth Vader pursues Luke (Mark Hamill), Han (Harrison Ford), Leia (Carrie Fisher) and the rest of …


Flynn Fights the Nazis

Edge of Darkness (1943)

by Scott in 1940's

[9.0] If you want to watch Errol Flynn fight the Nazis, this is your movie! Edge of Darkness is one of those great old World War II propaganda films, this time told from the perspective of a small Norwegian fishing village that’s been under Nazi control for two years. Flynn heads up a superb ensemble, including Walter Huston, Ruth Gordon, Judith Anderson, and Ann Sheridan, …



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