All About Steve (2009)


Sandra Bullock gives her most offputting and peculiar performance in All About Steve, a film that sets the feminist movement back about fifty years. Bullock plays Mary, a woman in her forties who lives with her parents, tries to make a meager living creating crossword puzzles for her local paper, and who inexplicably falls head-over-heals obssessively in love with a blind date (adorable Bradley Cooper in the title role). Mary is so painfully awkward, it hurts to watch her. She’s something of a cross between Forrest Gump and Annie Wilkes from Misery. The screenplay is all over the place, trying in vain to be both whacky and heartwearming. In the end, it’s just a weird, bad, fucked up little movie. That Bullock would rebound from this disaster with an Oscar-winning turn in The Blind Side is nothing short of a movie miracle.

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