Delivery Boys (1985)


Rival breakdancing teams the Delivery Boys and the Devil Dogs plan to compete under the Brooklyn Bridge, but on the day of the show, three of the Boys are missing in action. Turns out the leader of the Dogs has tricked their pizza parlor boss into sending them on sticky assignments. One boy is held captive by a lusty rich girl, another becomes a sexual guinea pig for deranged researchers, and the third is forced to play a human statue at an art show. But fear not — you can’t keep a good Delivery Boy from delivering, whether its pizzas, sex, or bodacious breakdancing.

Delivery Boys has a hard time integrating its over-arching breakdancing story with its lengthy sexual escapades. The breakdancing is impressive, but only takes a movie so far. And I’m all for a good sex comedy, but most of the film’s humor lands with a thud, sometimes from uneven acting, but mostly from drab writing. The human statue art show is probably the film’s most redeeming subplot, and also contains the film’s single-biggest laugh — a well-placed fart joke.

Only a couple of the cast show charisma and potential. The only ‘name’ actor is Mario Van Peebles, who plays the Devil Dogs’ arch-Jamaican honcho. The film also suffers from a bad soundtrack and one of the most unnecessary coda sequences in movie history.