Good Boys (2019)


Three sixth-grade boys (Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, and Brady Noon) embark on a serendipitous adventure, encountering plenty of sex and drugs on their way to a classmate’s party. Good Boys banks on our desire to see cute kids doing naughty things, which is a safe bet for sporadic gags, but Good Boys‘ gutter-wallowing becomes a little fatiguing after a while. The talented young cast members are occasionally able to surprise with their comic timing and personalities, but are more often than not simply going through the script’s motions, which includes an always-unwelcome maudlin third act. Still, Good Boys made me smile a lot, even if it only features one truly memorable belly laugh — when Keith L. Williams asks, “What am I supposed to do, just sit here?” You’ll have to see the movie to learn the context.

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