The Collector (2009)


A man decides to rob the home of a client, unaware that a psycho-killer has already laid claim to the family and has booby-trapped their entire house. If you’d never ever seen a home invasion or torture porn flick, maybe The Collector would be something of novel interest. But there is absolutely nothing new here — it’s just a series of Saw-like death sequences, master-minded by a weak villain of the cookie-cutter variety (this one wears a bag over his head; ooooh, scary). The booby traps are ridiculous and will strain your suspension of disbelief to the breaking point, and the film hasn’t an ounce of original style. And horror movie title sequences that remind me of Se7en need to stop. Right now. Because as soon as I see piss-yellow hues and jerky typography, I’m outta there!

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