The Concorde: Airport ’79 (1979)


In this fourth installment (and final, by my count) of the disaster franchise, George Kennedy returns to pilot a super-sonic plane to Paris. Trouble is, the bad guy (Robert Wagner) wants to blow the plane out of the sky to stop an on-board news reporter (Susan Blakely) from uncovering his corporate shenanigans. For the most part, the Airport movies are a guilty pleasure, but this one is a yawn. Director David Lowell Rich relies way too much on spinning gimbal shots of the passenger cabin and the campy assortment of guest stars is too much even for an Airport movie. Yes, this cinematic oddity may be the only film where you can see Jimmy Walker and Charo together (I hope). The cast also features John Davidson, Cicely Tyson, Mercedes McCambridge, Sybil Danning, David Warner, and Eddie Albert. Despite some sniveling romantic entanglements and insipid subplots, none of the cast are put to good use.

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