Another Son of Sam (1977)


A patient escapes a mental institution and starts killing people on a nearby campus in this ultra-low-budget, supremely bad movie that has nothing to do with ‘Son of Sam’. The film is so poorly made that you’ll likely be shaking your head in confusion over the scripting, staging, and editing. The first few deaths in the movie happen when the killer puts his hand over his victims’ mouths. The next thing we see is the victim with chocolate syrup on their face. Were they strangled? Were they force-fed a banana split until they died? You won’t really care.

From bad dubbing and amateur acting to inexplicable freeze-frames and hilariously over-dramatic slow-motion shots, this film mines all the gems of bad filmmaking. Even this level of crudeness could be somewhat forgiven if the script were the least bit interesting. To make matters worse, this movie doesn’t even deliver on the baser levels — there’s no sex and no gore, to say nothing of well executed shock or suspense. But there is a gratuitous boating sequence at the beginning. And the world’s worst song performance thereafter, featuring the hideous lounge stylings of one Johnny Charro. Later in the film you can also see cinema’s most boring car chase, followed by the most tediously dull hostage sequence ever committed to celluloid.

I suppose if you really, really, really love bad movies, maybe Another Son of Sam is right up your alley. As for me, it’s truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

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