Friday the 13th Part III (1982)


Jason Voorhees is back, and this time he’s stabbing in three dimensions. For the third installment of the Friday the 13th franchise, Paramount Pictures added the gimmick of 3D to attract young horror fans. But even if you don’t watch it in 3D, all the pitchforks, arrows, yo-yos, and eyeballs that pop toward the camera lens still have their cheesy charm.

The story’s not much different from the last time, as a new batch of young people rent a cabin on Crystal Lake, our villain’s main haunt. One gal (Dana Kimmell) had a run-in with Jason several years ago, and has returned to conquer her fears. And maybe fornicate with her hunky boyfriend (Paul Kratka). While the two share some alone-time away from the group, Jason does his thing, offing one character after another. In the process, he discovers and dons a hockey mask — a fashion choice that will reverberate through the franchise forever more.

Part III is less satisfying than the first two movies. The cast is less engaging and far too much of the movie takes place in a barn. The finale goes off the rails a bit, trying too hard to imitate the ending of the first film. Even though it’s a little stale, the movie still has its moments and should appeal overall to slasher fans. The most memorable kills involve a spear to the eye and a machete to the crotch. Series composer Harry Manfredini serves up some especially funky opening and closing title music, too.

Directed by Steve Miner (Part 2); with Tracie Savage, Catherine Parks, Larry Zerner, and Richard Brooker as Jason.

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