The Lost City (2022)


Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum star as a romance novelist and her cover model who find themselves running from a villainous treasure-seeker (Daniel Radcliffe) on a jungle island. Over the course of their adventure, Bullock learns to let go of her somber past and take a chance on a future that might include romancing hunky Tatum.

The Lost City channels other rom/com adventures like Romancing the Stone and The African Queen, but without measuring up to them. It’s far too goofy to take at all seriously and it comes up a bit short in laughs and action, but it’s serviceable as breezy escapist entertainment. It helps if you’re a fan of Bullock and Tatum, whose charisma and chemistry could probably elevate just about any middling movie over the finish line. The supporting cast are equally good, including Brad Pitt as a ninja-like hero and Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Bullock’s determined agent. Also, how nice is it to finally see the heterosexual romantic age difference reversed?

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