Trick (1999)


One night in the Big Apple, two young gay guys — one a timid writer of musicals, the other a go-go dancer — try to hook up for a one night stand. With both their apartments otherwise occupied, where can two horny young lads find some privacy? Trick isn’t high-concept or the least bit provocative, and that’s okay. It’s a simple romantic comedy for gay men that gets by on the charm of its two handsome leads (Christian Campbell and John Paul Pitoc) and a goofy sense of comedy that mostly hits the mark.

Things start off on a shaky foot with co-star Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210) performing a terrible musical number, but Spelling has better moments later on. Drag superstar Coco Peru has a scene-stealing men’s room monologue at the mid-point and Lorri Bagley is memorable (and remarkably topless) as a bedside therapist of sorts. New York City itself is also a star, offering viewers an opportunity to stroll the streets at night without getting mugged or murdered.

Romantic comedies usually annoy me, but Trick avoids some of the trappings by never pretending to be about love or romance. The characters are just out for a one night stand. But through their misadventures, they get to know each other just enough to maybe be interested in something more. And that’s enough for me. That, I buy. Writers of straight rom-coms, please take note.

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