Vibes (1988)


Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum star as New York psychics tricked by Peter Falk into locating a lost Incan city for treasure hunters that wish to harness it’s mystical powers. Vibes is sort of a paranormal mystery, sort of a comedy, sort of an adventure, and sort of a love story. As a tonal mish-mash, it doesn’t succeed as well as, say, Ghostbusters, but it’s not a total loss, either. If you’re a fan of Lauper, Goldblum, or Falk, their intrinsic charm might see you through. The misty Ecuadoran mountains make a beautiful backdrop, too.

Vibes wants to be a funnier and more romantic movie, and the cast seem to be doing their best to bend it in that direction. Goldblum and Lauper have the potential for great chemistry, but their relationship blossoms too late in the script. The romantic comedy component also gets bogged down by pervasive danger and serious supernatural elements. James Horner’s music features some wonderful South American rhythms, but it only works to underscore the film’s paranormal and exotic elements instead of its human ones.

With Julian Sands, Elizabeth Pena, and Steve Buscemi. Directed by Ken Kwapis.

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