Hunk (1987)


A computer nerd makes a deal with the Devil and is transformed into a sexy beefcake overnight, free to spend his summer on a California beach full of wanton babes before his time’s up and the Devil comes a’ knockin’. Hunk is a silly, low-budget cornball of a movie. And I think there’s a need for that in our movie diets. I like that Hunk is rated PG, without any foul language, explicit nudity or sex. It’s still a sexy movie, too — with creative ways of implying things, and by the frequent display of leading man John Allen Nelson’s Adonis-like physique. (Mommy.)

The jokes are inconsistent and many are a little too innocent for today’s more hardcore crowd, but Hunk manages to strike a genuinely sweet tone. It helps that Nelson isn’t just a pretty face, but can act well enough to carry the movie. Supporting player James Coco (an Oscar nominee for 1982’s Only When I Laugh) has a few nice moments as the Devil, who keeps reappearing in disparate garb depending on which part of history he’s just plundered. The film also gets extra points for being gay-friendly at a time when most movies weren’t. With Deborah Shelton.

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