The Sentinel (2006)


Michael Douglas plays a secret service agent framed as a mole trying to assassinate the president. While the secret service, led by Kiefer Sutherland, chase him down, Douglas tries to prove his innocence by identifying the real mole before the president is assassinated. The Sentinel plays like a mash-up of The Fugitive and The Manchurian Candidate, but it moves briskly and confidently toward a satisfying showdown. The generic script gets a boost from the star power of Douglas and Sutherland, as well as Kim Basinger in the role of the First Lady. The identity of the mole isn’t hard to figure out and there’s nothing remarkably new here, but if you just need an action movie to tide you over, The Sentinel is serviceable. Directed by Clark Johnson. With Eva Longoria, Martin Donovan, and David Rasche as the president.

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